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English Name Japanese Name
Raikou Raikou
Species Type
Ikazuchi (Thunder) Electric
Height Weight
1.9 m 6' 03'' 178 kg 393.0 lb
Pokédex Entry
Gold - The rain clouds it carries let it fire thunderbolts at will. They say that it descended with lightning.
Silver - A Pokémon that races across the land while barking a cry that sounds like crashing thunder.
Crystal - This rough Pokémon stores energy inside its body, then sweeps across the land, shooting off electricity.
Super Smash Bros. Melee - These violent lightning Pokémon travel near and far, blasting out electrified whirlwinds. They carry storm clouds on their backs, so they can produce lightning regardless of the local weather; it’s even said that they descended to the earth via lightning bolts. Their extreme quickness lends itself to flight, so they’re very hard to capture.
More Info
  • Raikou plays an important role in the animé TV special, Raikou: Ikazuchi no Densetsu.
  • Raikou bears a striking resemblance to a mythical Thunder beast of Japan, named Raiju. (See the Raikou Mythology page for more information.)
  • The meaning of the Chinese pronounciation of the kanji 'Rai' and 'Ko' is 'Thunder Lord.'


Gold - Randomly appears in Johto's grasses after unlocking it in Ecruteak City. (Unique)
Silver - Randomly appears in Johto's grasses after unlocking it in Ecruteak City. (Unique)
Crystal - Randomly appears in Johto's grasses after unlocking it in Ecruteak City. (Unique)


  Attacks Learned (GS)
Lv. Move Name Power Type
- Bite 60 Dark
- Leer - Normal
11 Thundershock 40 Electric
21 Roar - Normal
31 Quick Attack 40 Normal
41 Spark 65 Electric
51 Reflect - Psychic
61 Crunch 80 Dark
71 Thunder 120 Electric
Machine Compatibility (GS)
Lv. Move Name Power Type
TM02 Headbutt 70 Normal
TM03 Curse - ???
TM05 Roar - Normal
TM06 Toxic - Poison
TM07 Zap Cannon 100 Electric
TM08 Rock Smash 20 Fighting
TM09 Psych Up - Normal
TM10 Hidden Power - Normal
TM11 Sunny Day - Fire
TM13 Snore 40 Normal
TM15 Hyper Beam 150 Normal
TM17 Protect - Normal
TM18 Rain Dance - Water
TM20 Endure - Normal
TM21 Frustration - Normal
TM23 Iron Tail 100 Steel
TM25 Thunder 120 Electric
TM27 Return - Normal
TM28 Dig 60 Ground
TM31 Mud-Slap 20 Ground
TM32 Double Team - Normal
TM34 Swagger - Normal
TM35 Sleep Talk - Normal
TM37 Sandstorm - Rock
TM39 Swift 60 Normal
TM43 Detect - Fighting
TM44 Rest - Psychic
HM01 Cut 50 Normal
HM04 Strength 80 Normal
HM05 Flash - Normal


Battling Advantages (Electric-type)
Strong Against (Attacking) Water, Flying
Strong Against (Defending) Electric, Flying, Steel
Weak Against (Attacking) Ground, Grass, Electric
Weak Against (Defending) Ground


Stats Base Max
Hit Points 90 rr 383
Attack 85 rr 268
Defense 75 rr 248
Speed 115 rrr 328
Special Attack 115 rrr 328
Special Defense 100 rr 298
Total 580 1853

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(Numerical information courtesy of the Poké Masters.)